The annual WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view is quickly approaching, and fans know that anything can happen at the Rumble.

Names from the past often return to the ring, and it looks like a WWE Hall of Famer is getting ready to lace up the boots.

Booker T recently took to Twitter to share a selfie from the gym, and he posted it along with the hashtag #RumbleReady.

Over the last few weeks The Revival have teased a possible match with Harlem Heat, but it’s not clear if it’s going to happen.

Booker T addressed his status for the Royal Rumble on his Hall of Fame podcast, and he noted that while he’s set to work the kickoff show WWE officials haven’t told him if he’ll be wrestling.

“I got a call about the Royal Rumble. They said I’m gonna be working. I’m gonna be doing the Kickoff show. They may have a couple of other things for me to do. But right now, I have gotten no word on should I bring my gear? Should I be prepared to lace the boots up? Should I be prepared to get in the ring and go 60-minutes, all night long, and a little bit longer? NOBODY HAS TOLD ME ANYTHING LIKE THAT! My thing is this, I’m on a mission. An impossible mission. The mission is; to be a part of the Royal Rumble. I just heard Brock Lesnar, first entry into the Royal Rumble. Just put me in at number two. I’m ready to romp and stomp and bring it like old school. I’ve been training hard. Right now, I’m ready to step on some toes and keep on walking.”