The brand split brought a nice shakeup to what some fans felt like was becoming a stale product. Raw’s first episode after the split brought some fireworks and surprises to the WWE brand but since the split it has fallen into a familiar formula.

Seth Rollins is without a doubt the top dog of WWE. He’s got the perfect mixture of in ring talent and mic skills. Seth has steadily been the top heel of the WWE since the day he shocked us and deconstructed the Shield. It’s the perfect time for him to be involved in another angle that will leave fans jaws on the floor.

Finn Balor has captivated the audience with his recent revealing of his alter ego the “Demon King.” It has taken him a very short amount of time to get over as a baby face on the main roster.


As many of you already know, Balor was once apart of the Bullet Club during his time in New Japan Pro Wrestling alongside fellow Raw Roster Superstars Luke Gallows and the former leader of the Bullet Club, Karl Anderson.

Now, would be the perfect time to have Anderson and Gallows align themselves with Balor and cost Rollins the match.

To execute the double turn, have a relentless beat down of Seth Rollins after the match by the trio. Maybe, Rollins can get some color the hard way and really gain sympathy from the audience. Summerslam would go off the air with your first ever Universal Champion Finn Balor, Gallows and Anderson throwing up the “Too Sweet” over the beaten body of Rollins.

Imagine, a freshly turned Rollins with a fire under his ass, seeking retribution and a dominant faction with the biggest prize on Raw in their grasps.

That will make for some fresh, must see programming on Monday nights and Seth Rollins could morph into the baby face that WWE has been searching for to replace the face that currently runs the place.

Just a thought.