Sasha Banks makes a very good living as a WWE Superstar. She recently dropped the number of $250,000 while referring to five WWE tour dates which makes us wonder how much she’s really making.

The Boss has bragged about getting buses, jets, and other bonuses of having a great WWE contract. She recently remarked that she’s getting out of bed for a quarter of a million bucks. This leads us to wonder how much she’s making per date.

“I guess I’ll get out of bed for $250,000! #WWEHolidaytour #YoureWelcome
Btw thank you @WWEonFOX for the bonus

12/26 #WWECinncinati
12/27 #WWESmackdown
12/28 #WWEToronto
12/29 #WWEMontreal
12/30 #WWELosAngeles”

If Sasha Banks is really pulling down $250,000 to work five road dates then that is pretty insane. She’s likely working the dollar amount a tad, but Bayley commented back saying: “Imma go with you.” So, it makes us wonder how far off base it is.