‏The newly crowned Universal Champion Finn Balor could be facing surgery and that means that the Universal Title could be vacated.

If this comes to fruition that leaves the Raw creative team in a bit of a pickle. They could just hand the title over to the runner up Seth Rollins (which I’m sure he’ll ask For) Or they could do what they are paid to do and get creative.

The King of the Ring tournament has lost its luster over the past few years, mostly because of the fact that every one that wins it is stuck wearing a crown and carrying a scepter around for a few months.


The King of the Ring used to be exciting, a tournament in every sense of the word. Superstars battling it out in multiple matches in one night until one man stands.

If the title is vacated, bring back the tournament. Instead of the prize being someone getting saddled with a terrible “King” gimmick, have them battle it out for the Universal Championship.

It’s a concept that would breathe life into a once great PPV and help get the Universal Championship over.