There is no such thing as friendship in WWE, Kevin Owens turned on Sami Zayn, Paige turned on Charlotte and Seth Rollins turned on The Shield.

It’s inevitable that in WWE, you will always be forced to turn on your friends. Even though Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho have been the picture perfect form of best friends over the past few weeks, it seems that they will also be turning on each other in the coming weeks.

It is unclear how this will happen, but it has been rumoured that Chris Jericho will be getting a shot at the Universal Championship at next month’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The match will be Jericho’s final one in WWE for a while because he leaves the company to resume his touring schedule with Fozzy afterwards.


The match is set to be Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho inside Hell in Cell and whilst no reports have officially stated that Jericho and Owens will end their friendship, it is hard to imagine Owens handing out a title shot.

On Monday night Raw last night it seemed as though Owens was becoming tired of Jericho, when the former World Champion announced himself and Owens as the Universal Champion, Owens looked visibly annoyed. He then looked more annoyed when Jericho played into Enzo and Cass’ joke and made himself and the current Champion look stupid. Whilst these are only small gestures to pick up on, this is usually the way WWE begins to build an upcoming feud.

This union was one that was made out of pure coincidence, Jericho needed a friend and Owens was there. There is nothing holding them together and there is nothing stopping Jericho from challenging for the title.

There is no way Owens would offer Jericho a shot at the Championship so you have to assume that it will be Owens who turns on Jericho when he realises that he has the full backing of a returning Triple H and no more need for Y2J.

Triple H should return to TV soon to continue what he has already started with Seth Rollins and that will allow Rollins to step out of the title picture and ensure Owens continues his lengthy run as Champion.

Of course, Rollins needs to be cleared for action before then and considering that he has only bruised his ribs, the most he should be out for is a few weeks. WWE can easily continue the build for their match without either man being forced to become physical so Rollins would be protected the entire time.

Jericho has had a great run with WWE over the past few months, a run that has seen him take on AJ Styles in some of the greatest matches on pay-per-view as well as joining up with Kevin Owens and creating some of the best catchphrases on WWE TV today.

‘The Gift of Jericho’ has definitely been a gift for the WWE Universe over the past few months but sadly his duties with Fozzy have to be caught up with and since the band are recording a new album soon, this means that they will need Jericho on tour with then shortly.

There are also various reports that suggest that Jericho could remain in WWE until early 2017 when the tour is due to start, but the best option here would be to write Jericho off TV whilst the fans are still wanting more. Right now Jericho is one of the best things in WWE so the company wont want to risk ruining this by allowing him to overstay his welcome.

It has been one of his best runs in the company and if he goes out in a blaze of glory then he will be welcomed back as soon as he’s available, but if WWE allows the current storyline to become stale then fans won’t react the same way for him if he does decide to return.

Jericho and Owens have been fantastic to watch over the past few weeks and Jericho even helped his friend retain his Championship at Clash of Champions this past weekend, but all great things must come to an end and sadly it seems WWE have called time on Jeri-KO so we must now enjoy the few weeks they have left together.