Paige’s ascension to fame began when she became the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion back in 2013 before she made history the following year when she ended AJ Lee’s longest reigning Divas Championship reign and became the first woman to hold both the NXT and Divas Championships at the same time.

This made the British diva one of the most popular female wrestlers in WWE and she went on to win the Divas Championship again that year, on her Birthday at the annual SummerSlam event. But since her best friend AJ Lee left the company last year and the Divas Revolution failed, it seems Paige has had a much less successful time in WWE.

Over the past year, Paige has been involved in an altercation with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio following Money in the Bank, before she was then suspended on her birthday for 30 days along with Del Rio for their first violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy.


Rumours circulated that Paige was hoping to leave WWE much like Del Rio had following his suspension but instead WWE and the superstar herself managed to work out her contract which runs until 2019. Merely days later it was reported that Paige needed neck surgery and she could be out of action for up to a year if it goes ahead.

Add this to the fact that Paige has just been suspended for the second time in two months for her second violation of the same Wellness Policy and it would just about sum up a miserable 2016 for the ‘Anti-Diva.’

The Norwich native has already responded to her suspension and stated that she was apprehended for taking medication that was prescribed for her neck injury and she has a doctor’s note for it, but in a shocking twist, it seems Paige was actually suspended for an illegal substance that was not a prescription drug.

Reports this morning also suggest that WWE’s doctors have not yet said that Paige requires surgery because they don’t think she actually needs to go under the knife. If WWE’s doctors don’t OK the procedure then WWE won’t actually pay for it which means Paige will be forced to pay for it herself.

Whilst many of the WWE Universe seem to think that Paige is trying to force WWE to fire her after she was stopped from walking away from the company next month, it actually isn’t the case. Right now Paige is out injured but is still being paid, she will also be paid throughout her recovery from her surgery if it does go ahead, which means she is actually better off.

If Paige was released from the company right now then she would be recovering from an injury with no income. But even so,if she wants to remain with the company, then she isn’t making a good case for herself.

Jeff Hardy was released following his third violation which means if Paige does return to the company after she’s sat out her latest 60-day suspension, then she will be walking on egg shells for the next three years because one failure could mean her release from the company.

It has also been reported that if Paige does undergo surgery and does miss a year of action with the company then WWE are well within their rights to add that year to her contract to make it run through into 2020 instead. They recently did this with Rey Mysterio when he was inactive during a contracted year.

Hopefully, this was a genuine accident and Paige didn’t mean to be suspended by the company again but now she has 60 days to recover and then hopefully make a return to the company and continue her incredible work, if the Women’s Division hasn’t managed to move on without her. She hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since before the brand split and before it was announced that she was in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

Whilst the couple are mismatched, it seems that much of Paige’s rebel qualities seemed to begin showing when she got mixed up with the former World Champion, but either way. He has left WWE now and she still has a contract, she needs to find a way to work the rest of that and then she can leave the company for good on much better terms.

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