Broken Matt Hardy is taking over Impact Wrestling later this year with a special edition of Impact which will be titled Total Nonstop Deletion. The entire episode will be filmed at Matt Hardy’s compound in North Carolina, and it will be similar to segments such as The Final Deletion, Delete or Decay, and The Great War.

The event will be headlined by a match which Matt Hardy has dubbed Tag Team Apocalypto, and Matt Hardy is inviting teams from outside of TNA to participate.

Hardy publicly invited The Day of New (The New Day) to join the event, saying that if Mr. MeekMahan allows it, he will appear on MeekMahan’s show. He also publicly invited The Bucks of Youth (The Young Bucks) and he offered to appear at ROH in return.


According to Hardy he recently booked three new teams for Apocalypto, but he didn’t reveal who the teams are. You can see what Broken Matt Hardy himself had to say below.


The Young Bucks responded to the challenge by telling Matt that they would love to appear if he doesn’t refer to them as Max or Jeremy.

In true Broken Matt Hardy fashion, he told them that those names are obsolete.