The PWI list of top female pro wrestlers is out and Ronda Rousey tops the list. It makes sense seeing how she hasn’t lost a match since her debut and is currently the Raw Women’s Champion — but another champion isn’t too happy about her placement on the list: Becky Lynch.

The Man recently jumped on Twitter to come back at the fact that she was given the #11 spot on the list. Obviously, this is no place that a champ should be in her book.

“The only way I should be an ‘11’ is if the question is: scale of 1 – 10 how hot is Becky Lynch right now?” she tweeted out to show her disapproval.

This falls in line with her heel persona nowadays — but you also have to admit that Lynch has had a pretty great 2018 (at least to last few months) so one has to scratch their head and wonder how she ended up so low on the list.