Bayley recently spoke to Fox Sports to talk about WWE 2K17, the differences between NXT and the main roster and more. You can check out the full interview herealong with some highlights below.

If she ever created herself in WWE video games: “Oh yeah. But I was such a tomboy, I would always create myself as a guy, because I always thought like – sometimes I would create women, but for some reason I was creating myself as a guy, I wanted to be a different version of the Hardy Boyz. So I would just be like the third Hardy Boy, and I would always create someone who was a mixture of Jeff and Matt. I kind of just wanted to be the Hardy Boyz’s sister, but they already had Lita, so I [had] to be the third member. I would always create the same one every year.”

What her dream match would be: “I have a few, but No. 1 that comes to mind right now would be … I would team with Macho Man and we would take on Sasha Banks and Eddie Guerrero. If I were to have a match with Lita, I would make that a championship ladder match.”


Her favorite main roster moment so far: “I think Battleground, I mean that wasn’t like an official debut, but I think Battleground was something that… being able to open the show, open a WWE pay-per-view and have that support from the fans like I did. And I… I’m a loser, so like looking at Sasha’s face, I wasn’t able to look at her down the ramp because I think I would get emotional just seeing her. She just seemed so happy and genuine that we were able to have this experience together. And the fact that everybody trusted me to be in that position… I was a little worried that people were going to be disappointed that I was the mystery partner, but as soon as I got out there I was like ‘man, this is amazing.’”