WWE’s current female division is perhaps the strongest it has ever been. Charlotte is without a doubt one of the best female wrestlers of all time and with Sasha Banks and Bayley on the same roster, it means that there will be some incredible matches in the near future.

Already Bayley and Sasha have become the first ever women to take part in an Iron Woman Match back at NXT: Takeover Respect last year before Sasha and Charlotte then became the first women in more than a decade to main event an episode of Monday night Raw after Trish Stratus and Lita set the bar back in 2004.

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon then announced that Sasha will be taking on Charlotte inside Hell in a Cell in three weeks time for the first time in history. This is just weeks after Sasha was cleared following the back injury that she suffered when she lost the Women’s Championship to Charlotte at SummerSlam back in August.


The current Raw Women’s Champion can’t be in the best shape of her career and putting her inside Satan’s structure with someone like Charlotte would definitely take its toll on her body. There is a reason Mick Foley’s career began and ended at Hell in a Cell.

Women are pushing forward in this new revolution and it is incredible to see how far they have come but there has to be a limit on the things they are actually allowed to do regardless of whether or not they think they can do them.

WWE is no longer in the PG era, this is the reality era which means blood and violence are now allowed and it could really take its toll on these women. An Ironwoman match is one thing but stepping inside the most deadly of WWE structures is certainly a different matter altogether.

Sasha and Charlotte are the best that WWE have at the moment, along with Bayley and they can’t risk either woman suffering an injury and being out for a number of months because then they won’t know what to to with the Women’s Championship picture.

When WWE thought that Sasha was going to be out injured for a number of months after her back injury they panicked, gave Charlotte the title back and brought Bayley up to the main roster. Now that it seems that Sasha is healthy again WWE has had to find a way of pushing Bayley back out of the title picture.

It seems that WWE has it in their minds that they want to break records and make records this year, it’s like 2016 is the year of change in WWE it started with the attendance record at WrestleMania, then more recently it has been all about John Cena tieing Ric Flair’s record and the women making history last week on Raw but this really could be a step too far.

There is a reason no other women have set foot inside the structure, women like Chyna, Kharma and even Beth Phoenix could be considered much more dominant and have all been entered into a WWE Royal Rumble with many other men but they haven’t stepped inside Hell in a Cell before. Because there are dangers inside that match that WWE aren’t even aware of themselves, because that match changes people, no superstar ever comes out the same.

If the women are all up for breaking records and making history then surely there is another way for WWE to allow them to be taken seriously, perhaps not making such a big deal about women being the main event? It happens all the time on NXT and at NXT Takeover events, why make a song and dance about it because it happens on Raw, it should happen all the time.

WWE needs to accept change as much as the rest of the world and rather than forcing these women into an incredibly dangerous match just to make a point, they could come into this decade and realise that the rest of the world already knows how good they are, we have just been waiting for WWE to give them the chances.

I’m all for making changes, making history and breaking records, but this could well be a time when WWE regrets making such a rash decision just to improve their ratings and prove that there is a revolution in progress.