Former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay got some press yesterday that he really didn’t want as allegations were aired out that he was sexually inappropriate with one of his female co-workers at Fox News.

The Daily Beast reports that former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay was moved off of the “Un-PC” show on Fox News due to allegations of sexual misconduct against co-host Britt McHenry.

It is reported that Clay sent McHenry unwanted, lewd, and sexual text messages on multiple occasions. When Fox News found out about this they simply moved him off of the “Un-PC” show and onto another show called, “NUFFSAID.”

It was not released exactly what he allegedly said to McHenry at the time that was so lewd, but apparently, it was enough to make her feel uncomfortable about continuing a working relationship. It was noted that sources said that the former WWE Superstar was known for his politically incorrect humor off-set and which was said to be “wild.”

The former Brodus Clay also reportedly went into a rage on the set of the show in the past because a Boston Bruins banner was changed for one for the Washington Capitals.

At this time Brodus Clay has yet to comment openly about these allegations as to why he was moved round on Fox News.

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